Webinar: Raising an Inside Round

There are lots of paths to raising capital. The straightest line involves going directly to your current investors. Sounds simple. It’s not.

While raising inside financing (aka bridge rounds) might involve fewer conversations than a traditional round of capital, there is a great deal of subtle complexity for the founder to navigate.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the various types of inside rounds, what typically motivates various stakeholders, and how to run a solid process.

We’ll take you through not only Enjoy The Work’s framework but we’ll have the pleasure of interviewing a long-time member of our community, Sarah Schaaf.

Sarah is the co-founder and CEO of Headnote. She participated in NFX’s accelerator, raised her seed round from UnCork Capital (formerly SoftTech), and completed multiple separate bridge rounds that gave Headnote the runway it needed to successfully reach its next major financing milestone.

Once again, this live webinar is only for the Enjoy The Work community, though we do intend to repurpose the content to help a wider audience of founders in need.

When: Tuesday, March 24th | 3pm PT / 6pm ET (~1 hour)

Where: via Zoom meeting

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