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We have accepted more than 150 startups into our community since our founding, supporting CEOs across the globe from Mumbai to Tel Aviv, Toronto, to San Francisco. 

Today, roughly 40% of those companies are Seed Stage, 40% are Series A/B, and 20% are Growth Stage.

Supporting CEOs across the globe


We have accepted
over 150 startups
into our community.


Our startups have
raised more than
$1.4B in capital.


Today the total market
value of our companies
exceeds $13B.

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Tipalti is an accounting software financial technology business that provides accounts payable, procurement and global payments automation software for businesses.


Tipalti is the only global payables automation solution to streamline all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform. Tipalti makes it painless for accounts payable departments to manage their entire supplier payments operation. The solution addresses everything from supplier onboarding and vetting to tax and regulatory compliance, invoice processing, payments to suppliers anywhere in the world in a wide range of payment methods and currencies, supplier payment status communications, and closing the loop with payment reconciliation and reporting.

“I met Enjoy The Work in 2016 when our company was still quite young. We came to rely on them for trusted counsel on an array of topics from strategy to hiring to fundraising.”

Chen Amit | CEO & Founder

Paper unlocks opportunities to empower every student in their learning journey, from kindergarten to senior year and beyond..


From 24/7 high-quality tutoring to after-school enrichment to college and career resources, our Educational Support System empowers students throughout their academic journeys, helping them to build confidence for what comes next.

Today, Paper serves more than 3 million students from about 300 unique school districts across 41 U.S. states and Canada. Our recent statewide partnerships with Mississippi and Tennessee added about 200 additional districts to this total.

“Jonathan and the ETW team have been instrumental in helping scale our business over the past few years. They have become an integral part of our company, advising many different leaders within the organization. They are truly redefining what it means to be a great advisor!”

Roberto Cipriani | CEO & Founder

The Wild is an immersive remote collaboration platform for architecture, design, and enterprise teams.


Founded in 2017, The Wild’s mission is to shorten the distance between ideas and shared experiences. Between The Wild and IrisVR, 60,000 leading architects, designers, engineers, and builders use XR to connect their teams across distances for better collaboration, presentations, and BIM coordination through a blend of virtual and augmented reality.

To try The Wild or learn more about how your team can better collaborate and present in real-time, set up a free chat with one of our immersive technology consultants at

“As a first-time founder, ETW was my hidden advantage when navigating pivotal moments for my startup that ultimately propelled us to a successful exit. Their personalized approach made the difference by turning insurmountable challenges into stepping stones for growth.”

Gabe Paez | CEO & Founder

Book the stuff that makes the trip.Tickets, hotels, perks, and more. Go all in on your event with all-in-one packages.


Jampack empowers events like concerts, festivals, sports games and tradeshows to offer audiences exclusive perks bundled with hotels, tickets and more — all within one customizable booking flow.

“I’m deeply thankful for the team at Enjoy The Work. Our business has been on a wild ride the last couple of years – intense growth in revenue, customers, and employees. Our pace has stressed our system in all sorts of ways, and through it all, Ned and his partners have been a source of support and guidance on topics ranging from market strategy to financial planning to capital raising and team development. Their diverse set of partners is available whenever we need them – I highly recommend them to any founder, whether a veteran or a first-timer.“

Andrew Citores | CEO & Founder

4M Analytics' unique technology provides a subsurface utility map with a complete, accurate, and up-to-date subsurface infrastructure database in the US.


4M is on a mission to create the first digitized, global, and up-to-date map of buried utilities. Their reliable source of truth that gives all stakeholders the confidence they need to plan, design, and construct infrastructure.

Their technology, a combination of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence, is the tool that enables them to do so. Its ability to scan and detect visual evidence of existing buried utilities (documented or undocumented) shines a light on the type, route, and location of utilities passing through the project.

“Working with ETW was like laying a solid foundation for my role as CEO. Having Devan Batavia by my side as a trusted advisor, mentor, and genuine friend who genuinely cared about me, not just the CEO, saved me a lot of time and a lot of pain. Devan’s experience building successful sales organizations and companies as a former VP of Sales and CRO was a game-changer for my and the company’s growth.”

Nir Cohen | CEO & Founder

Passport helps clients test and optimize. We’ll work with you to identify the right shipping mix for your product, customers and brand.


At Passport, they help brands reach their global potential. With an expansive network, an in-house team of shipping and compliance experts, and a user-friendly software platform, Passport is the shipping carrier that growth-focused brands trust to expand their business internationally.

You make the products your customers love. They’ll get it to their doorsteps.

“Yanush and ETW, in general, have been instrumental in my growth as a leader. Their guidance has enabled me to confidently tackle complex organizational and interpersonal issues and reinforced my belief in my abilities. Moreover, the ETW community stands out with its collaborative spirit, connecting me with remarkable founders and fostering invaluable information exchanges.”

Alex Yancher | CEO & Founder

An AI-powered contextual care management solution, scaling personalized care outside the four walls of the hospital.


Laguna Health is an AI-powered contextual care management solution, scaling personalized care outside the four walls of the hospital. The company has built a revolutionary NLP and AI care personalization engine proven in randomized clinical trials to drive 50% cost savings and 10X efficiency gains for care managers. Laguna focuses on hospital-to-home care journeys, driving over 40% of payor spend. Laguna’s customers include health plans and integrated delivery networks, using the Laguna platform to drive care management productivity.

“I was fortunate to meet ETW at a critical juncture of the company’s journey. ETW’s experience, insights, and collaborative style were instrumental in helping us unlock the next chapter of our growth. Of particular note is ETW’s diverse partnership structure, offering complimentary skill sets and domain expertise for the diverse challenges entrepreneurs are facing at various stages. Entrepreneurship is hard – use expert advice.”

Yoni Shtein | CEO & Founder

Shef lets you enjoy local homemade meals from the comfort of your own home..


At Shef, they’re building the food system from scratch, redefining who can participate in the food economy, and returning personal connection to the making, eating, and sharing of food. They are an online marketplace for local, food safety-certified cooks to connect with customers in their community and earn a meaningful income selling homemade dishes.

They are building a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity that enables anyone to feed their neighbor.

“As founders, we focus so much on company growth that personal growth can occasionally fall by the wayside. ETW puts the focus on you, going above and beyond to make sure you have the necessary tools, discipline, and clarity of mind to make good decisions and help your team succeed.”

Joey Grassia | CEO & Founder

Tools for the Modern Creative Professional: Proposals, Contracts, Payments, and More.


HoneyBook is the leading clientflow management platform for independent businesses. By combining tools like billing, contracts, and client communication, HoneyBook helps business owners get organized so they can provide top-tier service at every step.

Independents are the backbone of the economy and the heartbeat of local communities everywhere. HoneyBook helps these businesses thrive by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to be successful in business, doing what they love. HoneyBook is trusted by over 100,000 service-based businesses in the United States and Canada that have booked more than $9 billion in business on the platform.

“We’ve come to rely on ETW for so much. They’ve guided offsites, helped plan our talent needs, facilitated strategy sessions, and even helped build better trust across our leaders. Perhaps most importantly, every time I call, they are there. It doesn’t matter the day of the week or the time of the day.”

Namaa Alon | CEO & Founder

Darrow's Justice Intelligence Platform harnesses that data to help lawyers make even better decisions so they can take on more cases and win.


Darrow is an AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform that sifts through real-world data and legal data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the outcome, and assess the financial value of a case. Using generative AI, Darrow uncovers egregious legal violations, matching plaintiff’s lawyers with their next big case so they can stop spending valuable hours on business development and focus on what they do best: fighting for justice.

“I sometimes feel that the world is dominated by transactional relationships: numbers, dollar signs, and bottom lines. But it is exactly in this kind of world that Leslie and ETW stand distinct — a lighthouse of humanity I get to come home to every week.

Darrow has always been about helping people uphold the ideal of fair play. ETW is about helping people remember to play. Whenever I come to Leslie with a challenge, she always helps me see how it is part of a grand growth story, of a broader trend in my life, or in Darrow’s life. From an impasse, the challenge then transforms into part of a game, work actually to be enjoyed.”

Evyatar Ben Artzi | CEO & Founder

inDinero is an accounting software and services company providing accounting and financial software.


Indinero is on a mission to help every business realize its potential. And that starts with finance operations. Their integrated finance team of bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors, and CFOs serves clients all across the US. Indinero is powered by tech – their clients get access to their own dashboard with insights and financial summaries.

Their team can manage the finances so clients can focus on their core expertise. Be that scaling their business, reaching break even, or finding efficiencies in their cash flow.

“I can’t even remember what it was like before working with the folks at Enjoy The Work. I know my business better, have a better sense of control over my future, and maybe most importantly, I am having fun again.”

Jess Mah | CEO & Founder

Fairmatic specializes in smartphone-powered driving safety analytics and calculates performance-based commercial auto insurance prices.


Fairmatic is creating a new commercial insurance category by delivering the first data-driven fleet insurance that rewards safety with savings. Fairmatic’s new approach leverages AI-powered technology in combination with deep telematics data to drive meaningful cost savings for fleets by valuing responsible driving leading to safer roads. The Fairmatic underwriting model has been trained and tested with over 200 billion miles of driving data to help fleets proactively manage safety issues with actionable insights.

“Engaging Enjoy The Work and receiving the strategic, tactical, and even emotional support the partners provide has been one of the best investments I’ve made towards my company’s success. The partners are experienced, values-driven operators whom I deeply trust. I fully endorse Leslie, Kristen, Jonathan, and the entire Enjoy The Work partnership.”

Jonathan Matus | CEO & Founder

Indus uses advance AI computer vision to streamline construction sites.

ABOUT THE COMPANY, Inc. develops and licenses its artificial intelligence construction analytics platform that counts trucks’ material arrivals and measures equipment productivity. It provides advanced real-time project controls for reconciling over-billed charges and correcting schedules. Clients have used the platform to reduce delays, increase billing accuracy, and optimize resources. The platform uses live video streams from secure IP cameras to uncover inefficiencies on construction sites. The software is powered by a proprietary machine vision neural network that can accurately recognize 100+ types of construction equipment and activities.

“What sets Enjoy The Work apart? Is it their operating and fundraising expertise? Is it that they are a group of extraordinary people who truly love to see nothing more than founders succeed? Or is it that they cared for my whole self and not just my next set of milestones?

The partners at ETW were my guide to help me see around the corner as my last two businesses matured. They were my mentors and my friends. I would not have had my two great exits without their help, and I look forward to working with them again one day in the future.”

Matt Man | CEO & Founder

Enview offers the next generation of Geospatial Analytics Software and GEOINT technology for energy companies and governments to protect their critical infrastructure.


Enview is 3D automation for a rapidly changing world. They have created an open platform for computing geospatial insights across virtually limitless data sizes. They help clients achieve their goals by pioneering cutting-edge techniques in 3D AIs focused on object detection, classification, segmentation, and analysis. Developing and training new AI approaches to geospatial problems leveraging expertise in remote sensing, computer vision, and geospatial big data to allow clients to leverage and gain insights from their data faster than ever before.

“Not a lot of folks do what Jonathan and Enjoy The Work does. Having worked with ETW from the Seed stage all the way to our Series B and eventual exit, my co-founder and I got tremendous value in three main areas: Tactics, Strategy, and Relationships.

My first venture, Enview, resulted in a near-9 figure exit. Jonathan and ETW will be one of the first calls I make when I launch my next venture and push for an even bigger impact and outcome!”

San Gunawardana | CEO & Founder