Enjoy The Work Blog Post- Raising Capital

How to Raise Early-Stage Capital in Any Market

Raising early-stage capital is easy, right? It must be. It seems virtually every other tech-related article to grace my screen tells the tale of young founders armed with little more than a set of slides raising funds from one or more esteemed investors. Is it really that simple?…

Management Debt Series: Learn How To Deliver Feedback blog post.

Management Debt Series: Learn How To Deliver Feedback

It’s been said time and again that people don’t quit jobs; they quit managers. And why do they quit those managers? Because those managers often don’t know how to manage. And one of the most common symptoms of this affliction? The poor, ineffective, muddled, and occasionally offensive delivery of feedback…

Enjoy The Work blog post. Running a meeting that doesn't suck.

Management Debt Series: Learn How To Run a @#$#@ Meeting

There are two separate paths to startup success. The first and far more celebrated path is the one where founders discover a novel way to address an existing problem in the world. They build a product or service, find early customers, and Voilà! A new business is born…


How to Raise an Inside Round. And How To Know if You Should.

I co-founded my first startup in 2008. For those of you around back then, it was not the best time to raise capital.

But once we did raise funds, the business was unlocked. We invested in more product/engineering resources, improved our offering, spent on sales and marketing, and grew our profile, customer base, and revenues…


A Financial Plan You’ll Actually Use

A Financial Plan You’ll Actually Use. Since 2015, the General Partners at Enjoy The Work (ETW) have advised the founders of more than 125 startups. The firm’s mission is to