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Identify Your ICP to Find Your Ideal Match. The biggest myth (or outright lie) I’ve heard in the market is: A good

Starters and Finishers: We Need Each Other When a creative idea pops into my head, I’m consumed. All non-autonomic functions are redirected.

Origin Stories I’ve long been curious about why founders start what they start. So I’ve more regularly started to ask, and the

Fifty Summers Left I only have 50 summers left. I’m approaching 45 years old. That’s not being dark or cynical. It’s being

The Shitty Manager Quiz Every year a fortunate minority of startups figure out enough of the product-market-fit puzzle to grow from scrappy

Think Like a Film Editor The director’s cut of Gladiator was 171 minutes. The theatrical cut was 155 minutes. The director’s cut

The Pleaser CEO I believe a CEO’s role is threefold: Set the organizational direction. Build a great team. Secure the resources needed

Frantic Founder Syndrome You’re 30 minutes late (again). You’re answering a text while listening in on a conference call, while (kind of)

How To Protect Your Culture It starts with your team. You have a vision. You have goals. You pursue them. Problems arise.