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Enjoy The Work blog post. The Bravest Phase.
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The Bravest Phrase

The Bravest Phrase I met a founder recently who quickly won me over. We had a conversation about his business. We bounced around why he started the company, his vision

Enjoy The Work blog post. Relentless State of Negotiation.
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Relentless State of Negotiation

Relentless State of Negotiation Everyone wants something. Your investors want more of your company if it’s succeeding and less if it’s not. Your employees want more salary, equity, benefits, and

Enjoy The Work blog post. Giving Thanks.
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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks It’s a common scene. We sit around the Thanksgiving table, raise a glass to our loved ones and give thanks for the abundance in our lives (and continue

Enjoy The Work Blog Post. Fifty Summers Left.
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Fifty Summers Left

Fifty Summers Left I only have 50 summers left. I’m approaching 45 years old. That’s not being dark or cynical. It’s being real. I likely only have 50 summers left.

Enjoy The Work Blog post. The Pleaser CEO.
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The Pleaser CEO

The Pleaser CEO I believe a CEO’s role is threefold: Set the organizational direction. Build a great team. Secure the resources needed to win. But not all CEOs operate with

Enjoy The Work Blog Post. Frantic Founder Syndrome.
Founder Care

Frantic Founder Syndrome

Frantic Founder Syndrome You’re 30 minutes late (again). You’re answering a text while listening in on a conference call, while (kind of) participating in a conversation with your colleague while

Enjoy The Work blog post. Stop F*cking Begging.
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Stop F*cking Begging

Stop F*cking Begging I know you’re a startup. I know it feels like you’re often just begging for crumbs. But stop. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, stop.