Giving Thanks

It’s a common scene. We sit around the Thanksgiving table, raise a glass to our loved ones and give thanks for the abundance in our lives (and continue to ignore the fact that almost everything we know about the holiday is a lie).

The predictability of gratitude makes it no less sweet. People give thanks for their health and that of their loved ones. They give thanks for being able to provide for their families. They give thanks for the love in their lives — parents, relatives, children, and friends.

My experience is that founders have trouble with this exercise. They tend to be so obsessed with milestones not yet achieved that they struggle with mountains already climbed. So, as a reminder to the litany of founders both in the ETW community and beyond, here is a list of uniquely founder offerings, you might choose to make at the Thanksgiving table this holiday season.

On Capital

I’m thankful that people other than just myself put money into this company.

I’m thankful that I don’t have a former co-founder who still owns 20% of my company yet has not contributed any value in years.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to fundraise right now.

On Team

I’m thankful that no one has placed a terrible Glassdoor review recently.

I’m thankful that no one has been poached by Amazon for double their salary, lately.

I’m thankful that they’re patient while I learn what it means to lead.

On Investors

I’m thankful to have them.

I’m thankful that I don’t have 30 small ones to update every month.

I’m thankful they have not been charged with any terrible crimes.

I’m thankful we have some.

I’m thankful they pay us.

I’m thankful they’re patient with our young, buggy, suboptimal product (that we, of course call a platform).

On Startups

I’m thankful for the thrill of the roller coaster.

I’m thankful for all the learning.

I’m thankful for the chance to create something new in the world.

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