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"In an industry filled with armchair experts, Enjoy The Work is the real deal. Worth every penny."
"The partners at ETW remain a crowd favorite across each of our programs and have become trusted advisors within our Google For Startups Accelerator community."
"My calls with ETW were not only the most valuable hours of my week, but they were also the ones I looked forward to most."
"I can’t even remember what it was like before working with the folks at Enjoy The Work. I know my business better, have a better sense of control over my future and maybe most importantly I am having fun again."
"I can confidently say that there is no chance we could have successfully grown and exited our company without Enjoy The Work."
"ETW has become an integral part of our company, advising many different leaders within the organization."
"ETW has helped us in so many ways from sales, to fundraising, to customer success, to culture development, to board management, and more."
"The startup training content from the Enjoy The Work team is among the best I’ve seen."
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Co-founder & CEO
Jason Scott
Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem
Ben Bilbrough
Founder & CEO
Jessica Mah
Co-founder & CEO
Sarah Schaaf
Co-founder & CEO
Roberto Cipriani
Co-founder & COO
Justin Davis
Co-founder & CEO
Caroline Winnett
Executive Director
Our Team

Our team of former founders and operators have built, scaled, sold, and invested in companies for decades.

About the engagement

We first met the exceptional folks at HoneyBook in 2019 and our work together since has taken many turns. From leadership reviews, to goal setting, to market strategy, to funding rounds, to board of director preparation, to the navigation of a once in a lifetime pandemic – we’ve had the great fortune to serve as partners, guides, and confidants to Oz, Naama, and their team as the company rose from scrappy startup to global unicorn.

Oz Alon

CEO & Co-founder

We've come to rely on ETW for so much. They’ve guided off-sites, helped plan our talent needs, facilitated strategy sessions, even helped build better trust across our leaders. Perhaps most importantly, every time I call, they are there. It doesn’t matter day of week or time of day.

About the engagement

Tipalti was ~60 employees split across Tel Aviv and San Mateo when we first met. The product and technology already was solid and the early customer traction compelling. The biggest opportunities were internal – related to goal setting, internal comms, talent development, and recruiting. Together we hired senior talent including a CFO, a CRO, and a GM. We re-built the financial and goal setting approaches, implemented the first leadership off-sites, rebuilt core values, and executed a 360 talent development study for the top leadership. Meanwhile, the company grew 20-fold and became ETW’s first double unicorn.

Chen Amit

CEO & Co-founder

I met Enjoy The Work in 2016 when our company was still quite young. We came to rely on them for trusted counsel on an array of topics from strategy to hiring to fundraising.

About the engagement

Companies that find explosive product market fit are rare; Paper.co, which delivers an online tutoring platform to North American school districts, is growing wildly. Our role in support of the founders has been to call out the predictable risks on the road ahead, share frameworks and best practices to mitigate the dangers, and then to serve as a translation layer for how those strategies might apply to Paper. In partnership with the founders, we’ve raised multiple growth rounds of capital, enhanced goal setting, metric identification and hiring practices, interviewed senior roles, co-facilitated leadership off-sites, and led the creation of the company’s core-values.

Roberto Cipriani

COO & Co-founder

Jonathan and the ETW team have been instrumental in helping scale our business over the past year. They have become an integral part of our company, advising many different leaders within the organization. They are truly redefining what it means to be a great advisor!

About the engagement

We began working with the Shef team not long after the founders raised a $20M round from Andreessen Horowitz. The initial priorities were to determine a scalable growth model, develop the playbook for launching in new cities, and recruiting.  In parallel, we also helped build out the operating culture (goals, values, communication architecture) while helping the founders become more effective in terms of managing their schedules and practicing self care. As we received unsolicited interest from growth capital investors, we helped the team raise a large up round.

Alvin Salehi

Founder & Co-CEO

As founders, we focus so much on company growth that personal growth can occasionally fall by the wayside. ETW puts the focus on you, going above and beyond to make sure you have the necessary tools, discipline, and clarity of mind to make good decisions and help your team succeed.