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Enjoy The Work Blog post. We're so bad at this.

We’re So Bad At This

We’re So Bad At This We’re good at setting goals. Reading reports. Providing updates. Solving problems. We’re terribly efficient in Covid times. We wake up, affix our eyes to screens

Enjoy The Work blog post. An optimal response.

An Optimal Response

An Optimal Response I was asked by a founder this week, looking for support, “Any chance you guys have guidance to companies on an optimal black lives matter response?” Short

Enjoy The Work Blog. Pursuit of perfect communications.

Pursuit of Perfect Communication

Pursuit of Perfect Communication Imagine perfect information flow at a startup… The CEO articulates why the business must exist in the world. The leadership team and the entire workforce (via

Enjoy The Work blog post. Relational vs Transactional Communication.

Relational vs. Transactional Communication

Relational vs. Transactional Communication Every time a founder interacts with an employee, an opportunity exists to either strengthen or weaken the relationship. Often the result is determined by the type

Enjoy The Work blog post. One on one.


One-On-One So many of us fear it. We try and strike it from our minds. We look for reasons to delay or even cancel. But then, once again it’s upon

Enjoy The Work Blog post. Starters and Finishers We Need Each Other.

Starters and Finishers: We Need Each Other

Starters and Finishers: We Need Each Other When a creative idea pops into my head, I’m consumed. All non-autonomic functions are redirected. If you were to see me or engage

Enjoy The Work Blog Post. Origin Stories.

Origin Stories

Origin Stories I’ve long been curious about why founders start what they start. So I’ve more regularly started to ask, and the stories are incredible. Allow me to share one

Enjoy The Work blog post. How To Protect Your Culture.

How To Protect Your Culture

How To Protect Your Culture It starts with your team. You have a vision. You have goals. You pursue them. Problems arise. Action is taken. Experiments are run. Solutions are