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Teaching that is as effective as it is entertaining

How it works

ETW partners are expert public speakers

Library of dozens of prepared talks and programs

Office hours to ensure that the learning sticks

Playbook and preparation for Demo Day

Trusted by leading global accelerators

Canadian Technology Accelerator

A global initiative led by the Government of Canada's Trade Commissioner Service.
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Google For Startups

GFS Accelerators serve top growth-stage startups with tailored educational content from ETW.
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Berkeley SkyDeck

Enjoy The Work partners are consistently ranked as top speakers among Berkeley Skydeck cohorts.
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What we teach:

Every founder or CEO must have a 30 second narrative to intrigue and educate any audience.

It all starts with the team. Get it right and there is no obstacle a founder can’t overcome.

There is a method to the madness of fundraising – and it involves a great deal more than just a pitch deck.

Demo Day is a rite of passage for any founding team. Show up well and it can serve as an accelerant for the months and years ahead.

Learn how to craft and manage a reliable process by which a product gets designed, coded, and deployed.

Every accelerator has different needs.

Our accelerator services are designed for maximum flexibility.

About the engagement

CTA has now trusted us with the education of their founders across multiple markets and multiple domains. ETW has taught dozens of founders storytelling, how to deliver effective demos, how to raise capital from venture capitalists, best practices in hiring, and frameworks for early stage sales and marketing. Successful young Canadian startups such as Qohash, Sparrow, and Simbi all applied, accepted, graduated and then raised capital thanks to the combined efforts of the CTA and ETW.

Thierry Lu

Program Manager

We have partnered with Enjoy the Work to deliver the program content for 2 of our Canadian Tech Accelerators (2020-2021). Their workshops were tailored to the companies' stages and founders greatly benefitted from advice that was targeted, relevant, and expertly informed.

About the engagement

Since Google’s inaugural foray into startup accelerators in 2019, Enjoy The Work has been hired to deliver our best in class content across such topics as startup fundraising, demo day preparation and founder storytelling. In addition to the group programs, our partners host private office hours to help founders translate the concepts into direct action.

Jason Scott

Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem - USA

ETW continues to be an invaluable partner for our Accelerator founders — helping them to develop incredibly effective fundraising strategies and investor pitches. The partners at ETW remain a crowd favorite across each of our programs and have become trusted advisors within our Google For Startups Accelerator community."

About the engagement

UC SkyDeck is among the most recognized startup accelerators in the world, renowned not only for the quality of the startups themselves but also for the excellence of the curriculum. For more than 5 years, Enjoy The Work has been one of SkyDeck’s’ primary providers of content and live workshops. Our partners teach programs on venture capital fundraising, demo day delivery, startup hiring practices, early stage go-to-market frameworks and more.

Caroline Winnett

Executive Director at Berkeley SkyDeck

The startup training content from the Enjoy The Work team is among the best I’ve seen. We’ve been fortunate to have Jonathan run workshops for our cohorts for years; and every year, those talks are ranked among the highest of all the ones we provide to our founders.