Startups — Please Overreact

Startups — Please Overreact There is no correct reaction. You only can under react or overreact. And you won’t know which path you’ve chosen until the event is behind you. We work

Webinar: Raising an Inside Round

Webinar: Raising an Inside Round RSVP HERE There are lots of paths to raising capital. The straightest line involves going directly to your current investors. Sounds simple. It’s not. While

The 2×4 Cheat Sheet For Complex Deals

The 2×4 Cheat Sheet For Complex Deals Founders often have good sales instincts. They can read the room. They can tell a solid story. It’s not always polished or entertaining,

Hidden Costs

Hidden Costs Have you ever sat in a meeting and wondered halfway through what the hell people were talking about? Or have you suffered seemingly bottomless email threads so long

Pursuit of Perfect Communication

Pursuit of Perfect Communication Imagine perfect information flow at a startup… The CEO articulates why the business must exist in the world. The leadership team and the entire workforce (via

Enjoying The Community

Enjoying The Community Thirteen lovely people attended the first ever Enjoy The Work social. We occupied a single table at Chez Maman in Potrero Hill in San Francisco. We introduced

A Dangerous Honeymoon

A Dangerous Honeymoon Early-stage fundraising takes a toll. A successful raise often requires months of preparation, pitching, and negotiating. You must craft a story, answer questions, prepare materials, and defend

The Bravest Phrase

The Bravest Phrase I met a founder recently who quickly won me over. We had a conversation about his business. We bounced around why he started the company, his vision

From ETW to Enjoy The Work

From ETW to Enjoy The Work When I left my prior startup, I spent several months actively avoiding anything that even loosely resembled work. I wanted real space before I