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From Founder to Master Operator

From Founder to Master Operator How it started: In 2015 I became obsessed with a simple question: How do founders get better at their jobs? I interviewed entrepreneurs, board members,

All-In or All-Out

All-In or All-Out Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar. You’ve hired someone, ramped them, and set them loose. While the world begins in balance, at some point, you

Do → Manage → Coach

Do → Manage → Coach In the early startup days, life is a blur. You’re involved in everything. You’re doing everything. You’re building a product (that doesn’t really work). You’re

Return vs. Remote

Return vs. Remote There are party lines being drawn. Each side is fiercely self-righteous. Their arguments are persuasive and well-considered. The debate began months ago. First, informally, casually. A comment

We’re So Bad At This

We’re So Bad At This We’re good at setting goals. Reading reports. Providing updates. Solving problems. We’re terribly efficient in Covid times. We wake up, affix our eyes to screens