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Enjoy The Work Blog post. Glass Jaw Syndrome.

Glass Jaw Syndrome

Glass Jaw Syndrome There are so many diseases that afflict the young startup. I’ve written about many of them before: Frantic Founder Syndrome, The Pleaser CEO, and Multiple Personalities, to

Enjoy The Work blog post. Multiple Personalities.

Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personalities Meet Randall. Randall joined your startup early. He’s been with you for years. He’s been dependable and effective. You would not have reached this point of success without

Enjoy The Work blog post. Habits vs Rituals.

Habits vs Rituals

Habits vs Rituals Does your company have habits or rituals? Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Ritual: a solemn ceremony

Enjoy The Work blog post. Interrogation Time.

Interrogation Time

Interrogation Time A CEO has three primary functions — setting priorities, making sure the company is properly resourced, and getting the right people on the team. The best founders obsess about the

Enjoy The Work blog post. You Have To Fight.

You Have To Fight

You Have To Fight “The aim of argument and of discussion should not be victory, but progress.” Joseph Joubert Companies face thousands of choices. What do customers need? What will

Enjoy The Work blog. Find your rhythm.

Find Your Rhythm

Find Your Rhythm Well-run startups have a rhythm. It’s unmistakable. They either have it or they don’t. I’m not talking about engineers rocking Bach on noise canceling headphones. The rhythm

Enjoy The Work blog post. The Shitty Manager Quiz.

The Shitty Manager Quiz

The Shitty Manager Quiz Every year a fortunate minority of startups figure out enough of the product-market-fit puzzle to grow from scrappy startups to mature businesses. While that is undeniably

Enjoy The Work Blog Post. Think Like A Film Editor.

Think Like a Film Editor

Think Like a Film Editor The director’s cut of Gladiator was 171 minutes. The theatrical cut was 155 minutes. The director’s cut of Apocalypse Now was 202 minutes. The theatrical

Enjoy The Work blog post. Good Managers vs Bad Managers.

Good Managers Versus Bad Managers

Good Managers Versus Bad Managers (Thank you Ben Horowitz for the inspiration) Good Managers care deeply about how they show up with their teams every day, want success for all (not

Enjoy The Work Blog Post. There Is No Sense Of Urgency.

There Is No Sense Of Urgency…

“There Is No Sense Of Urgency…” I hear that from CEOs on occasion. This is a message to them (sent with love). If your team lacks urgency, it’s your fault.