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How To Protect Your Culture It starts with your team. You have a vision. You have goals. You pursue them. Problems arise.

How To Deal With When Your Team Is Sad… Not all of startup life is strong coffee, nap rooms, funding rounds, happy

Your Startup Is An Ugly Baby… Here’s How to Raise It As the founder of ETW Advisors, I have the good fortune

Good Managers Versus Bad Managers (Thank you Ben Horowitz for the inspiration) Good Managers care deeply about how they show up with their

The Emotional Stages Of Startup Fundraising At ETW Advisors, we advise A LOT of startups fundraises. Not surprisingly, first-time founders often have

Your Startup Doesn’t Matter I know you’re in a hurry. I know everything feels so rushed, so pressurized, so urgent. I know

Stop F*cking Begging I know you’re a startup. I know it feels like you’re often just begging for crumbs. But stop. Please,

Cash Rules Everything Around Me Capital is the lifeblood of a young startup. It’s not an accident that the very language used

Startup Burn I’m fortunate to have just returned from a week at Burning Man. It was my 3rd burn in as many