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A Dangerous Honeymoon Early-stage fundraising takes a toll. A successful raise often requires months of preparation, pitching, and negotiating. You must craft

The Bravest Phrase I met a founder recently who quickly won me over. We had a conversation about his business. We bounced

From ETW to Enjoy The Work When I left my prior startup, I spent several months actively avoiding anything that even loosely

Glass Jaw Syndrome There are so many diseases that afflict the young startup. I’ve written about many of them before: Frantic Founder

Relentless State of Negotiation Everyone wants something. Your investors want more of your company if it’s succeeding and less if it’s not.

Relational vs. Transactional Communication Every time a founder interacts with an employee, an opportunity exists to either strengthen or weaken the relationship.

Multiple Personalities Meet Randall. Randall joined your startup early. He’s been with you for years. He’s been dependable and effective. You would

Habits vs Rituals Does your company have habits or rituals? Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is

One-On-One So many of us fear it. We try and strike it from our minds. We look for reasons to delay or